ponedeljek, 19. november 2007

My ideal workplace

My dream is to have a manager position in my own company. So I'd like to have a right and duty to decide about everybody and everything. First of all I would create small work-groups of employees. All of them would have an assignment to solve any type of problems at work and after that they would send me their conclusions. Than I would check what they have done and choose the best options for my company. If the work of my employees is good and the results of their job show me progress I would reward them with every type of stimulation.
I'd like to have some beautiful secretaries around me and a few personal consultants. In my company there would also be a gymnasium, fitness place and wellness centre with cute masseuses so I would be able to work with positive energy, enthusiasm and good spirit.

nedelja, 18. november 2007

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nedelja, 11. november 2007


Documents establishing the right to sell wine date back to the times of the German emperor Charles the Great (1519 - 1555). That right was preserved until the reign of the Austrian empress Maria Theresa (1717 - 1780) and the Austrian emperor Joseph the Second. In 1784, an act allowing wine producers to sell wine in an eight-day term, was published. After that act wine producers could sell wine overproceeds of the last year in a sort of their own wine-shop. The wine shop, where wine producers used to sell their tax-free wine, was called 'OSMICA'. They marked their homes entrances with a bunch of ivy, called 'FRASKA' to show visitors that 'the Osmica' was open. 'The Osmica' was the only source of money for wine producers because they didn't sell only wine but also home-grown food.
Nowadays Osmica is a sort a shop for the retail of non-botteled wine with geographic descent. The wine producer arranges 'The Osmica' at his own home in the place where the wine is conserved: on the courtyard or in the wine cellar. This method allows wine producers to sell their home-grown products to customers because the production of wine and food greatly exceeds the family consumption.
It's common practice that a wine cell organises 'The Osmica' for ten days twice a year until they sell out their food and drink resources.

What else can 'The Osmica' offer?
- other home-made alcoholic and non - alcoholic drinks
- home-made prosciutto, bacon and bread
- local specialities
- characteristic desserts
- home-made sausages with garnish
- pickled vegetables

For us 'The Osmica' is an antique and precious tradition of good and cheap eating that makes people gather and have good time.

ponedeljek, 29. oktober 2007

My blogs of interest:

I have searched blogs of interests I like with a blog search engine. As I have told in the article 'How did tuy get started to use Internet?' that I'm interested in sports, I have checked blogs related to sport, especially football/soccer. Some of these blogs are interestig more, otherones less.
So first of all I have checked http://digg.com/news/sports. I found there articles and comments about American sports like american football, basketball, motors,...but it didn't convince me because I'm not so familiar with these sports, I prefer reading and talking about European sports. So I moved on blogs related to football/soccer. Here I found http://www.soccerblog.com. This web page has more interesting news about football in general, lasts news, comments and videos. The next blog was http://blog.soccersiliconvalley.com. It describes us the locations of some stadiums, progress on stadium deal in San Jose, that two new soccer films will be screened and there is also an interview with manager of San Jose S.C..as we know in the USA is more popular women's soccer than men's one. For me was more interesting and useful to explore the blog talking about European football http://soccerchampions.libsyn.com. As I mentioned I'm not only interested in sport. I'm going to look through some other interesting blogs when I wiil have time.
How did you get started to use Internet?

I started using internet around 10 years ago. I think it happpened when I was attending the Secondary school of Economics. Our School library provided us some PC computers with internet connection so we were very happy to have an opportunity to try this new instrument. First of all I checked some interesting web pages about entertainment, sports, politics, culture, health, how people round the world spend their free time and also how to communicate with other users. Later when I became more experienced about using Inetrnet, I was looking for whatever I wanted. My favourite sites were and it has still been Google, Yahoo, YouTube,...Then I decided to create my own e-mail address to be in touch with other friends. Today I can use a lot of types of chatting, Windows Live Messenger and from October 2007 I have also created my first blog. I'm looking forward to use them as much as possible for everything I will be interested in.

ponedeljek, 08. oktober 2007

About me

My name is Borut. I am 26 years old. I live in Ozeljan, village near Nova Gorica. I decided to go to this vocational college to improve my knowledge of informatics. It is not my first inscription to post secundary education. I attended the Faculty of organization sciences in Kranj and I have been still writing my diploma to finish this universitiy. I hope to graduate to the end of this year.